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Online casinos in Australia: considering the main factors of the game

Hundreds of online casinos accept gamblers from Australia (even though online gambling is prohibited in this country, there are no adverse legal consequences for natural persons-gamblers). That’s why for analysis companies, like ours, it becomes important to find and highlight great punter’s facilities to show them to people in Australia. Below, we are telling you how we find good locations for Aussies, what games are popular, and what payment channels are often used to gamble online in 2020 and 2021. 

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The brief list of top-5 online venues to play is as follows:

How we find the best Australian online casinos

The need to find a reliable gaming venue online is of importance for many Aussies. And below we disclose the most important components of good Australian casinos.

Security in the best online casinos

Security is what we all strive for, not only in the area of Australian casinos but also in all areas of life.

When we pick the best and most reliable gaming venues, we pay attention to:

Bonuses in the best Australian online casinos

When it comes to bonuses, the bigger their number and value are, the better. Usually, the list of those comprises of welcome no-deposit bonus, deposit bonus, reload bonus, weekly cashback, level-based bonus, free game, and free spins.

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License of Aus casinos

Licensing is a very important issue. Any Australian casino must have a valid license, as, without it, it is impossible to make sure the principle of fair play. Also, no loud-named gambling makers would want to allow putting their games on websites without a license. Search for at least a Curacao license but at most UKGC, which is granted by the UK, the strictest and costliest in the world.

The more banking methods a gambling venue provides the better. Australian casinos usually go for such channels:

Support in new online casinos

Client support will solve any arising issues. It can be done in the best Australian casinos through live chat, phone, e-mail, and sometimes through messengers, like Viber, Telegram, Facebook’s Messenger, and others.

Now let’s talk about the most popular casino games that Aussies like and return for. 

Pokies to win in online casino Australia real money

Not only in Australia but also all over the world, pokies are of extreme popularity because they are simple, do not require learning many rules, visually entangling, and come in large diversity in tens of gaming software suppliers. Also, it is easy to win large in pokies — more than in other games.

Baccarat in the top online casinos

Baccarat is a relatively simple card game, which boils down to a comparison of card’s values and faces on the hands of players vs. a dealer.

Bingo game

Bingo is a lottery-type game, which can be played tens of times a day when on the Internet, the goal of which is to collect lines of numbers to reach the ‘bingo’ outcome. It is highly popular amongst the elderly citizens. 

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Craps gambling option

Craps is a less popular game than the previously mentioned ones in Australian casinos because a lot of rules needed to be studied. However, it is simple to play using tips in online gaming interfaces, which makes it hard to miss. Although it would be easier to lose without knowing rules, so learn them beforehand. 

Keno on mobile

Keno is another type of lottery. Not only it is played in Australian casinos but also even some state lotteries offer to play it. Should one win a projected combination of numbers, it is possible to win huge, even millions. The drawback is that everything here depends on luck. 


Blackjack is a type of game where one needs to score 21 to win or to have a number of values of cards on a hand more than a dealer has. When the sum is equal to the dealer’s, depending on the type of game one is playing, there can be winning, losing, or draw.

Roulette jackpot options

Roulette is a highly exciting Australian casino game, which has several most widespread variations, each having its own house leverage. Roulette is often considered a synonym to casino gaming itself, representing flamboyance and sparkling of the process, which attracts players so much.

Banking options in online casinos that accept Australian players

Now as we know about the most important issues to pay attention to when choosing one of the Australian casinos to gamer liking from the point of view of games’ selection and inherent values of the casino itself, it is time to talk about banking options. They are of utmost importance because without at least one or several convenient depositing and withdrawal options, it is impossible to start playing for real money in Australian casinos. 

Credit cards for best online casino payouts

The most classical solution to replenish the balances of Australian casinos is to use a standard bank card. With it, it is also possible to withdraw money from Australian casinos after winnings occur. 

UpayCard is not an exotic means of payment for Australians. Using this method, it is possible to use a physical or virtual card, which is pretty much a banking card, doing payments in stores and on the Internet, as well as receiving cash from ATMs. However, holding it is not cheap – requesting a card costs money, as well as making purchases, doing forex exchange operations, withdrawing money from ATMs, doing balance inquiry, and running it on monthly basis. Regular bank cards are cheaper. 

Use Neosurf to deposit for playing pokie

Neosurf is a pre-paid voucher, which’s why it is one of the most expensive means of payment existing on the market. Also, it takes a lot of effort to get a voucher. Instead of paying with a card or from an e-wallet with super low or average commissions, paying with Neosurf requires physically going to one of the stores that sell these vouchers, pay for it (with a commission), then bring it home to a PC, mobile phone, or laptop, and pay on an Australian casino’s website, again, paying the commission. Needless to say, it is just a depositing method, as it is impossible to withdraw using it. The advantages of this method are that its geography covers 40 countries in the world and there is no connection to personal data, so no controlling body in the country knows one’s cash flows should one pay for anything with Neosurf.

Mobile casino online games for mobile platforms

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Gaming on the go and in the convenience of a house, apartment, or a lunch break at work is something modern people can’t do without. For almost every player, it is necessary to understand that he or she has an opportunity to gamble in Australian casinos wherever they have a free minute to do so.

Australian online casino reviews for Android devices

Android is the wisest and widest choice of people all over the globe, as it is the same highly functional, as Windows-based systems and has a lot of highly functional apps coming for free. There is also an ability to download from third-party locations, and generally, having and running Android is largely cheaper than iOS. 

Highest payout online casinos Australia that work with Apple (IOS) devices

Yet, those people who want to brag about their large-cost purchases go for iOS-powered devices. It’s perfectly understandable that the world has fewer apps for iOS than for Android but their users, too, can enjoy Australian casinos from their phones and tablets (if they won’t have wi-fi connection problems and will be able to find apps of Australian casinos on AppStore).

Other devices supported by the best rated online casinos

Laptops, on-table PCs, and tablets are still owned by a large share of the audience of gamers of Australian casinos, although this share is lesser than 50% of all devices in the world, as people prefer to gamble from smartphones. Many website makers still tune them to be displayed well on large screens but it is good to know that the primary focus has already shifted from on-table devices to phones. Also, an average smartphone today is more powerful than an average on-table device if priced the same, largely contributing to smoother gambling.

How to gamble in Australia safely

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There are a few things everyone having fun on the Internet shall adhere to for the sake of safety:

FAQ about online gambling casino

What is the casino’s bonus?

A bonus is a casino’s incentive for new and existing players to start or keep playing because of the provision of better financial leverage than gamers would have without a bonus. It can be in the form of free spins in pokies, free bonus money to bet in other games, cashback of a portion of previously lost money, and others. A bonus is granted on a player’s account.

Things to consider about casino’s payouts

As a rule, payouts are allowed after meeting wagers and they take much longer than deposits (up to a week of time). Also, some casinos may require withdrawal to be made on the same channel as depositing, which excludes some channels automatically (like Neosurf or SMS).  

Customer support in featured Aus casinos

Client support in good online casinos is usually done via several channels: email, phone, live chat. Search for online casinos that provide all three or even more, should there be more. 

Tips and winning strategies

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In card games, winning is connected to a person’s luck to a lesser extent than in games of pure luck (roulette, pokies, keno, or bingo). This FAQ section is too short to disclose all existing winning and betting strategies, so it will be better to google them online for each particular game. Generally speaking, there are hundreds of betting ways and tips for all casino games. 

Is it possible to win real money in online casinos?

Yes, that’s why online casinos are popular. Every day, the people of the planet win millions of dollars collectively.

What is the minimum and maximum amount to deposit?

That will depend on the rules of every single online casino. Refer to the Terms and Conditions to find out.

What is a live dealer option?

A live dealer is when a live person is serving gamblers as a dealer. He or she is seen through a web camera, whilst gamblers aren’t seen. This allows creating a feeling of having a game as in a real casino.

What are online video pokies?

Online video pokies are video slots, where one needs to push a virtual button to start virtual reels spinning.